Board Members

Jeff Farrells
Executive Director
(719) 375-3873

Jon Brown
Hazardous Liquids Facilities, President
(307) 328-3643

Denny Skinner
Special Director, Vice President
(248) 205-7604

Cliff Tholl
Storage and Other Facilities, Treasurer
(307) 789-2322 x6

Scott Vickers
Gas Gathering Facilities, Secretary
(707) 374-1505

Don Johnson
Gas Transmission Facilities
(406) 359-7316

Dale Golemon
Production Facilities
(817) 339-5464

Lori Warner
Gas Distribution Facilities
(303) 716-2012

Val Snyder
Special Director
(308) 865-0725


The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA) believes that open communication and cooperation with local organizations enhances public safety, improves emergency preparedness, protects the environment and prevents damage to pipeline property and facilities.

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