Information for Farmers & Ranchers

You know your land better than anyone else.  But, if you have pipelines on or near your farm or ranch, it is important that you contact the pipeline operator prior to conducting deep excavation activities to verify the current depth of those lines.

Farm equipment is getting more powerful and can dig deeper.  At the same time, weather and erosion can reduce the land above an underground pipeline that protects the line from damage.  Deep excavation activities, including the following, increasingly pose a risk to pipelines:

  • plowing
  • tilling
  • terracing
  • scraping
  • chisel plowing
  • subsoiling
  • drain tile installation or repair
  • fence installation or repair
  • shaping of waterways
  • use of backhoes or bulldozers

Even if you know the general location of pipelines on or near your land, call 811 to reach the local One-Call Center and obtain a locate request to verify the location of all utilities on your property.  Operators will mark the location of their lines and can provide guidance regarding safe excavation procedures.

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