Farm Safe. Ranch Safe.

You know your land better than anyone else.  But, if you have pipelines or underground utility lines on or near your farm or ranch, it is important that you always check the location and depth of lines by calling or clicking 811 for free before tiling, ripping, tilling, scraping, installing a fence, digging with a backhoe or bulldozer or starting any other project that involves digging.

Ag Safety Facts

The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness helps protect those who farm and ranch near underground utilities and pipelines by promoting safe work procedures and encouraging ongoing dialog with pipeline and utility operators.  The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness launched the Pipeline Operators for Ag Safety (POAS) campaign in 2015 with support from a national group of agriculture co-ops, utility companies and pipeline operators.

The POAS campaign provides access to safety-focused videos, handouts and other ag worker safety materials through one-on-one discussion, targeted media outreach, partnerships with ag co-ops, events and online at

Since its inception, the campaign has reached nearly 10 million farmers, ranchers and those who live in agricultural and ranching communities.

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