Pipeline Considerations & Resources

Know where pipelines are located in your community:
♦ Meet with pipeline companies operating in your area and collect their contact information
♦ Respect pipeline easements
♦ Require that applications for building projects include an 811 ticket number prior to issuing a permit

Recognize signs of a pipeline leak and understand proper response during an emergency
Understand the importance of contacting 811 and enforce safe digging practices

    ♦ Are local government employees and contractors required to contact 811 prior to digging?
    ♦ Register your municipality’s underground facilities with 811 for any new facilities being built, or existing facilities being replaced or upgraded
    ♦ Incorporate pipelines into your emergency response plans and training drills

Promote awareness in April for National Safe Digging Month and on August 11th for 811 Day

Resources – Digging Deeper for More Information

*NPMS only maps transmission pipelines https://www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov