NPMS Improvements

For Federal, State and Local Government Officials & Emergency Responders

The National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) recently made improvements to the Pipeline Information Management and Mapping Application (PIMMA) to assist government officials and emergency responders. PIMMA is the password-protected web-based mapping application accessible from the “Government Official” portion of the NPMS website:

NPMS information is used by government officials, pipeline operators and the general public for a variety of tasks including emergency response, smart growth planning, critical infrastructure protection, environmental protection and analysis.

Improvements to PIMMA:

    • Streamlined interface, larger map area and new query tools
    • Google imagery and street map backgrounds, faster performance and a more flexible address/landmark search
    • Enhanced queries for displaying gas transmission and hazardous liquid pipeline maps and attributes• Query and view:
    • Pipeline accidents/incidents which occurred on gas transmission or hazardous liquid pipelines
    • The history of a pipeline (see how a pipeline has changed operatorship, commodity and if it has been spatially corrected)

    • Ability to create map bookmarks to quickly return to places of interest

PIMMA was developed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and PHMSA. The application does not contain information on gas distribution or gas gathering pipelines.