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Promoting pipeline safety and awareness is a task that is embraced by the pipeline industry. Operators are providing audiences with a variety of messages to not only promote the importance of the industry, but the role individuals play in keeping pipelines safe.

In an effort to determine just how operators and the industry are doing with these educational efforts, surveys are conducted to establish whether the outreach is effective as well as just how much stakeholders know.

Recent findings show that progress is being made. A survey of public officials responsible for land use planning and recent decisions made over issues that could impact pipelines and public utilities indicate a noteworthy increase in knowledge concerning key pipeline safety topics.

The results showed:

  • 78% of respondents indicated they knew the pipeline companies operating in their area – up 6 percent from four years ago
  • 64% of officials said they had been in contact with someone from the pipeline industry within the last year – up 17 percent since 2010
  • 35% of survey participants felt they were well informed about their responsibilities regarding pipeline safety – this is up 10 percent in the last four years

Continuous progress has been shown. Efforts like this newsletter keep current information regarding the pipeline industry in front of decision makers, landowners, the public, emergency responders and excavators.