Locating Pipelines Near You

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Pipelines are everywhere. More than 2.6 million miles of infrastructure connect areas of production to consumption and manufacturing centers across the country. Some pipeline rights-of-way (ROW) are easy to spot while others are less obvious. A hazardous liquid, transmission or gathering pipeline right-of-way is usually marked with pipeline makers that follow the general path of the pipeline. Markers can also be found at road and railroad crossings and at the edge of navigable waterways. Local distribution pipelines, however, are not typically
identified with pipeline markers, but markers do exist for some. Distribution markers vary slightly from those used by transmission and gathering pipelines. An advanced call to 811 is required to identify the location of all pipelines with or without markers, and especially distribution pipelines, which exist most everywhere in the community.

To confirm the location of a pipeline in your community, contact your local operator or visit the National Pipeline Mapping System to view gas and hazardous liquid transmission pipelines in your area. The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness (PAPA ) has also developed the Pipelines Nearby application that includes participating PAPA members’ pipelines near a specific location. This information will provide information for pipelines near a specific location. This information is available on the internet and from mobile devices. Log on to www.pipelinesnearby.org. Users should be aware that this application does not include information for all pipelines or all PAPA members’ pipelines.