Land-Use Planning

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To assist communities, PHMSA, the pipeline industry and more than 100 stakeholders formed the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) to develop recommended practices related to land-use planning for areas around transmission pipelines. The PIPA Recommended Practices document identifies steps that pipeline operators, local governments and property owners should take when making decisions about developments. There are three easy steps community leaders can take to help protect its citizens and the pipelines in the area. These steps are:

1. Obtain information about the location of transmission pipelines in your area.

2. Utilize information to establish requirements regarding land use and development around transmission pipeline.

3. Adopt a transmission pipeline consultation zone ordinance requiring property developers and owners to consult with transmission pipeline operators early in the development process, so that development designs minimize risks to the populace living or working nearby and are consistent with the needs and legal rights of the operators.

For more information on land-use practices near transmission pipeline facilities and the list of PIPA best practices, visit: