811 Awareness and JJ Harrison

JJ Harrison joined the campaign to spread the 811 message for the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness in March of 2012. That kind of creative thinking has brought the 811 message to over 10 million people in a unique way. The message was spread by a walking, talking, driving billboard know as JJ Harrison, rodeo clown.

From the thousands of miles he drives criss-crossing the United States to media interviews and special needs rodeos and safety expos, JJ Harrison is now widely known around the rodeo circuit as the “811 Clown”. Throughout the regular season, 811 is noticed and photographed constantly.

Please consider sponsoring this very worthwhile program. The program structure is:

  1. Sponsorship is open to any company or organization (both members and non-members)
  2. Companies can contribute any amount (no minimum or maximum)
  3. Invoices will be emailed to the person completing the online signup form
  4. A list of sponsors will be posted to the web with the normal documentation
  5. The level of sponsorship for each company will be included in the documentation
  6. The documentation will include the dates and locations where the events were held
  7. All companies sponsoring the program at the $5,000 level or higher will be entered into a drawing for the official 811 Jersey signed by JJ.

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Photos from previous events