Featured Video: Spotlight On Pipelines

The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness recently produced a short documentary film about our national pipeline infrastructure and how to keep it safe.  Watch the short film which is currently showing on national television, and share it with others using the “Share” and “Embed” links in the top right corner of the video player screen. You can also download a copy of the video from our Vimeo channel.

[vimeo width=”500″ height=”281″]http://www.vimeo.com/64818123[/vimeo]

More Videos

Pipelines Safety Video For Excavators

Third-party pipeline damage can be avoided.  Learn more about how operators locate underground pipelines, how to dig safely near pipelines, the signs of a pipeline leak and how to respond if a pipeline has been damaged.

Lessons Learned Video:  Lafayette Indiana Natural Gas Explosion

On November 27, 2002 the Lafayette Fire Department responded to a “routine” gas leak.  Dispatch reported that a construction crew struck a natural gas line while installing a traffic signal light.  At least four separate explosions destroyed four homes that day.  Responders from the Lafayette Fire Department share their experience and key takeaways in the video below including information about how to plan for the unexpected, anticipating migrating gas, proper gear, clear communication and the importance of ICS and advance partnerships with operators.