Farming and Pipelines

What Public Officials Need to Know:

Excavation is the leading cause of damage to pipelines and other underground facilities. Farmers, ranchers and landowners are key ‘digging’ audiences who need to be kept aware of safe digging practices and understand the importance of pipeline right of ways/easements. Hitting a pipeline not only affects the safety of the farmer, but can also potentially impact neighboring communities through the loss of fuel, heat and other utilities.

Modern farming equipment and practices allow for far deeper tillage. Over time, factors like weather and soil erosion could impact the depth of the pipeline. Considering the fact that pipelines do not necessarily follow a straight line between markers, this can be a potential for disaster.

In the race against Mother Nature to plant and harvest fields, it is important to adhere to safe tillage practices. For example, drain tiles are installed in parts of the country to help recover fields prone to flooding or standing water. Professional drain tile installers are accustomed to contacting 811; however, some farmers buy and install drain tile without contacting 811.

Other Important Messages:

Call, Click or Connect with 811 for any excavation project. Either call 811 or visit and request to have utilities (including pipelines) marked before any digging occurs – this process will take between one to three business days.

As farms and ranches grow, the addition of sheds, decks, barns, fences and other structures should be carefully planned to minimize interference with pipeline right of way.