Excess Flow Valves

New federal regulations expands use of excess flow valves (EFVs) to include singlefamily residents, multi-family residents and small commercial businesses that meet certain system requirements.

What’s an EFV?
An EFV is a device that’s designed to automatically shut off the flow of natural gas if a service line ruptures or breaks.

Where is it installed?
The EFV is installed on the service pipeline that runs underground between the gas main and the meter on your property.

How does it work?
Because the EFV restricts the flow of gas when the service line ruptures or breaks, it helps reduce the chance of natural gasrelated property damage and injury.

Installing an EFV doesn’t protect against leaks that might happen in your house or small punctures in the pipe or meter. An EFV doesn’t shut off the flow of gas completely, so some gas could still leak if a pipe or meter is damaged.

Benefits of an EFVReprinted with permission from the Black Hills Energy website.