Pipeline Operator Contact Information

Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA)

The Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) is a collaborative effort of pipeline safety stakeholders, supported by PHMSA, which have developed recommended practices for land-use planning and development near transmission pipelines for the purpose of protecting communities, transmission pipelines and encouraging communication amongst stakeholders.

At a minimum, PIPA recommends communicating with pipeline operators in the following instances:

  • To understand the elements of a transmission pipeline easement. Property developers should have an understanding of the elements of and rights conveyed in a transmission pipeline easement.
  • To manage land records.  Land-use agreements between pipeline operators and property owners should be documented, managed and recorded when necessary.
  • To document and record easement amendments.  Easement amendments should be documented, managed and recorded.
  • To participate in the improvement of state excavation damage prevention programs.  All pipeline safety stakeholders, including excavators, should participate in the work of organizations seeking to make improvements to state excavation damage prevention programs, especially efforts to reduce exemptions from participation in One-Call systems.

Learn about PIPA’s recommended practices for a new development. Learn more about PIPA and obtain the report, Partnering to Further Enhance Pipeline Safety In Communities Through Risk-Informed Land Use Planning: Final Report of Recommended Practices, by visiting www.pipelineinformedplanning.com.

Pipeline Operator Contact Information

Call the pipeline operator whenever you have questions, concerns or an emergency.  In particular, immediately contact the pipeline operator if:

  • You accidentally scape, dent or hit a pipeline
  • You are unsure of line markings
  • You notice anything out of the ordinary while digging

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