Education of 811 is Key

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Stories of hunting for buried treasure can capture the imagination of children and adults alike.  A new video has been developed for school-aged children that combines themes of hidden treasure and pirates who carry the message that you should call before you dig.  The pipeline industry is hoping that in the future this message will be as familiar to children as Smokey the Bear’s well-known message regarding the prevention of forest fires.

The opening scene shows children playing in what could be any neighborhood in America who happen to find a spyglass.  The spyglass magically reveals the location of buried facilities like water, sewer, natural gas and other utility lines, a pirate explains how and why everyone must call 811 before they dig.  The pirate also explains that colored flags marking the location of such facilities are in place to caution that all digging should be undertaken away from the flags.

The material was developed by a pipeline operator in conjunction with the Common Ground Alliance, or CGA, an organization dedicated to underground damage prevention, and by PHMSA.

Copies of the video are available to schools at no cost by contacting PAPA.  Each CD comes with materials that support the messages found in the video, including a treasure map and a lesson plan for teachers.

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