Community Emergency Response Plans

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Do you cover pipeline related emergencies?

Communities develop emergency response plans to address a variety of potential emergencies that could impact their residents. Commonly addressed emergencies include flooding, tornados, earthquakes and even hurricanes. Make sure to work with your local pipeline operator(s) to plan for emergencies that result from a pipeline release or have the potential to impact pipeline operations. This plan should be coordinated with pipeline operators, local emergency management officials, HAZMAT and other organizations as appropriate.

Local governments routinely plan for a number of potentially hazardous situations and pipeline emergencies should be no exception. Governmental bodies and emergency response agencies should ask themselves the following questions:

–Do you know if there are pipelines in your area?
–Do you know approximately where these pipelines are located?
–Do you know the potential impact of a pipeline release?
–Do you know which companies operate these pipelines?
–Do you know the emergency phone number for each pipeline operator?
–Do you know how to contact the operators for additional information?