Free Online Emergency Responder Training

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Would emergency responders in your community know how to properly respond to a pipeline incident? New online training scenarios that focus on pipeline‐related incidents are now available for emergency responders.

The free online training scenarios were developed to assist fire departments, law enforcement and other emergency personnel to safely respond to a pipeline incident.

The first three interactive training scenarios highlight possible emergencies that can result from different types of pipelines. Through the training, responders learn about local natural gas distribution systems and transmission pipelines, in addition to how various incidents can impact both public safety and the environment. The scenarios take many different environmental factors into consideration, such as the time of day, weather conditions, size of the community and the relative number and individual capability of the first responders in the area.

The training scenarios are available on the PAPA Web site dedicated to these personnel. The Web site also provides information on pipeline operations and response guidelines. Additional scenarios and a complete training video will be available in late 2009. PAPA is also working toward accreditation to grant continuing education units (CEUs) to emergency responders that complete the training.

The training exercises were developed to promote discussion of pipeline safety issues by emergency responders throughout the country. The scenarios can be adapted to local situations in almost every community by any emergency response organization. The scenarios will also help facilitate discussion of tactical options, emergency preparedness and planning for individual communities.

Operators have historically relied on face‐to‐face meetings or relayed information to emergency responders via the postal service. This on‐line program is thought to be the first of its kind in providing interactive online training to first responders.

To view the emergency response scenarios, visit You will be asked to register by providing your name, agency name, e‐mail address and state. Once registered, you will be able to access the training section by clicking on the “Training Scenarios” tab at the top edge of the box.